The Bracco Italiano (Italian Pointer)

My interest in the Bracco Italiano breed goes back 10 years when I first became aware of this fabulous breed. At that stage, there were no Braccos yet in Australia and so began my research into the breed, type, pedigrees, characteristics and breeders.   In early 2016 I made contact with a UK breeder Emma Towns of Braccorion Bracco Italianos.  Her dogs were my type of Bracco, in particular her Spanish imported bitch "Altea" (It Ch Altea De Arte Venandi at Braccorion).  Altea was scheduled to have a litter at the end of 2016 to an Italian dog Tobias (It Ch Tobia Dei Sanchi), and if I was prepared to wait another year, I might be lucky enough to be sent a chestnut and white female.  This special litter of 9 were born on 10th December 2016 of 3 males and 6 females.  I figured my odds of being sent a chestnut female was fairly good.  Emma was fantastic in posting weekly updates of the puppies with photos and videos on Facebook.  At 3 weeks of age, head shots were taken as Emma is a stickler for a good, correct head on a Bracco.  At 6 weeks, stacked photos showed the 3 or 4 females who were of particular interest to Emma as the likely show bitches from the litter.  At 8 weeks, it was down to 3 girls and at 9 weeks, it was decided that Emma would keep "Miss Turquoise" (aka Bridget) and I would be sent "Miss Red" (aka Scarlett).  However, given Australian quarantine rules are so strict, Scarlett could not be exported until she reached 10 months of age, and so began the long arduous wait for Scarlett.

Fast forward to October 2017 - the long wait finally came to an end and Scarlett was bound for Australia.  I picked her up from Quarantine on Sunday 22nd October and she then became a member of my family.  Scarlett instantly fit into my house and enjoyed her morning walk around the park with the extended family of Hungarian Vizslas and whippets.  She has a loving, sweet nature with a keen bird sense and most fabulous Bracco gait.