My first dog "Mimi" was born in December 1997 and was my first ever gundog.  I wasn't used to owning such a high energy dog who certainly kept me on my toes.  Despite me working full time and living in a courtyard during the daytime, Mimi was a happy dog who filled my life with joy.  She soon began living up to her name ("Me-Me") because it was all about "her" !  She was a cheeky pup but extremely smart.

Sadly Mimi passed away in March 2012 at the ripe old age of 14.4 yrs.  She was my soul dog.  I know there will never be another dog that could come close to replacing her.  I'm fortunate to have lots of photos and video to remind me of her.  11/11/97-30/3/12

Twelve months later, I decided to add another gundog to the house in the form of a Weimaraner named  Lulu.  Lulu had a different temperament to Mimi.  She wasn't as energetic and manic but suffered separation anxiety that not even the company of her older sister Mimi could help with.  I showed Lulu to her Australian Championship title and became known as Ch Worenslane Arrington.

Unfortunately, in March 2014, Lulu passed away at the incredible age of 15.4yrs.  She gave everything up until the day she left.  She was such a fighter.  I miss her every day. 5/11/98-4/3/14

In 2007 I purchased  "Coco" from Heiderst Kennels in South Australia.  I was completely sold on the liver GSP and Coco slotted into life with older sisters Mimi and Lulu.