9 Gorgeous babies - 2 liver boys, 3 liver girls, 4 liver/white girls (photos below)

The proud parents of this litter are:

"Coco" (Ch Heiderst The Ecstasy)
"Casper" (Ch Heiderst Ghost Whisperer)

Our puppies will be whelped in our home and brought up with my family and my other dogs.  This litter has been in the planning for many years, so a great deal of time and effort has gone into every detail. The puppies will be reared in an environment where they will develop into happy, healthy and confident dogs.  No commercial dog food is fed to my dogs, and the puppies will be raised on 100% home cooked and prepared food.  An extensive Puppy Information Folder is given to each new puppy owner outlining what the puppies have been reared on and how they can continue this practice should they wish to do so.

Each Liverpoint GSP will go to their new homes vaccinated, vet checked, dew claws removed, microchipped and wormed.  A signed Health Guarantee Contract from my veterinarian will be provided to all prospective puppy owners.  The puppies will be ready to go to their new homes around mid January 2011.  100% full support in every aspect of puppy care and ownership will be offered to each puppy buyer, as well as a no questions asked policy, of returning the puppy/dog at any stage in the dog's life.

 ***This litter may be of particular interest to potential puppy buyers who are interested in a full Heiderst litter, whelped in Victoria***

If you are interested in a puppy from this litter, please contact me for a Puppy Application & Questionaire.
Potential new owners of one of these puppies is suitability rather than first in best dressed.   Please note that you may not necessarily get first preference of colour and/or sex.

[Roll your mouse over the "Puppies" tab for photos of the sire & dam and pedigree of the Liverpoint "A" litter]

The Babies

Week 3

Week 3 saw the pups develop from oversized 'rats' to little pups!  Their ears began opening and their ear flaps grew.  Teeth began emerging (much to the horror of Coco) and all eyes opened.  With sight, they are finally able to see one another (in a blurry form) and are starting to interact with one another.  A few tails started wagging and a couple more vocal babies tried out their barks!  All have learnt quite quickly that the paper side of the whelping box means toilet and soft cushiony side means sleep.  All are toileting on their own now without the assistance of mum.  They are sleeping slightly less and like human babies, have taken on the eat/play/sleep scenario.  Play lasts approximately 10 minutes - that tires them out and they sleep like logs for approximately 3 hours.  Sleep time means the washing machine goes into overdrive and I make good use of the hot Melbourne summer days to dry towels and dry-bedding.  I now own approximately 58% of OMO and Napisan companies combined.  All pups grew out of their coloured identification ribbons and are now sporting cat collars.