Australian Champion Heiderst The Ecstasy - "Coco"

DOB:  31st January 2007

DIED:  17th October 2015

Coco was my second German Shorthair and the foundation for Liverpoint.  She came from Heiderst Kennels in South Australia.  Her accolades include 2 Baby Puppy In Group, 2 Puppy In Group, 3 Minor Puppy in Group, 2 Junior in Group and a Parent & Progeny with her father at the GSP Club of South Australia Show in 2007.   She had a beautiful, sweet temperament which she passed onto her progeny.  Never the centre of attention but always standing to the side wagging her tail.  She was so very maternal with her own babies, but even more evident with her grandchildren.  When her daughter Lola came home at 2am with a litter of 8 puppies via cesarian section, Lola slept off the anaesthetic whilst Coco laid in the whelping box all night meticulously cleaning and tending to her new grandchildren.  Lola was more than obliging in allowing her mum Coco to help out over the following 8 weeks.  I would regularly see Coco shaking toys in her grandkids' faces - teaching them to play.

Unfortunately, Coco passed away on 17th October 2015 at the young age of 8.  She developed a pancreatic tumour resulting in seizures.  The tumour was removed however, she died several hours after surgery from a blood clot.  She is missed terribly and has left a gaping hole in my heart.

Mother to Lola, Jasper, Archer, Calla, Hattie, Lulu, Ruby, Poppy and Frieda.
Doting grandma to Hazel, Indi, Lucy (dec), Ian, Bruce, Groot, Scarlett and Alice.

Rest In Peace darling Coco.  30/01/07 - 17/10/15

Coco with Lola and her 8 grandchildren

Coco with Lola and her 8 grandchildren

Coco with baby Hazel

Coco with baby Hazel

Aust Ch Heiderst The Ecstasy

Gr Ch Heiderst Cointreau on Ice

Ch Herstellender Coco

Ch Heiderst Dressed T’Impress

Ch Heiderst Mad About You

Ch Dorntanza Heiderst’s Piper (Imp UK)

Heiderst Gypsy Girl

Ch Dorntanza Heidersts Piper (Imp UK)

Aust Ch Bergen Shona

Edelhof Symphony

Birkenwald Nicco (UK)

Waldburg Quarda (Imp UK)

Ch Dorntanza Heidersts Piper (Imp UK)

KS Dolf Vom Wittekind (Imp Germany)

Dorntanza Louhi

Aust Ch Bergen Shona

Aust Ch Heiderst All Dressed Up

Zahleins Alles

Sh Ch Isara Kurzhaar Bootlegger (UK)

Sh Ch Inchmario Ragot Mai (UK)

Sh Ch Isara Kurzhaar Orgie (UK)

Dorntanza Lady of Shallott

Sh Ch Lipplinger Itasca (UK)

Sh Ch Isara Kurzhaar Seasprite (UK)