A few thank yous are in order relating to the successful litter of November 2010.

To Danny Jedwab, my Vet.  Thank you for your attention to detail with Coco's health and various check ups.  Because you double cross your "t"'s and double dot your "i"'s, we were able to whelp a successful litter of 9 perfect puppies.  Your advice on the day was spot on.

To Marg Cockburn, my friend and vet nurse.  Thank you for your kind offer to be on 24/7 call which thankfully was not needed in the end.  Your assistance in the operating theatre was valuable.

To Carol Wright of Grauhund Weimaraners in spending a whole day in January at my home viewing and assessing the litter and catching up with old friends.  It will be a day we will both remember forever as being the last time we both sat happily and chatted with our dear friend Jill Fidock who sadly lost her battle with cancer on 10th April 2011.

To Lee Petering of Marland Weimaraners.  Thank you for the loan of your whelping box, various books and puppy paraphenalia.  For dedicating a day out of your holidays to assess my litter and give me valuable advice.

To Raylene of Heiderst GSPs for collecting Coco from the airport (at very short notice) and attending to the 'business end of proceedings' !  Thank you for allowing us to use Casper.

A huge thank you to all of you who adopted one of Coco's babies.  For providing a loving home and updating me with photos and emails.  It means the world to me to know they're happy.

Thank you to the late Jill Fidock, my friend and dog chatting buddy who died on 10th April 2011.  You will be sadly missed.  I will remember you with fond memories.

And lastly, to all my friends (both doggy and non doggy) for sharing the excitement with me of my first litter.  The numerous text messages and photos probably drove you all mad!