About Me

My love for German Shorthairs began in 1997 with my first liver girl "Mimi".   It was Mimi's influence which totally sold me on the breed.  A year later, I purchased "Lulu", our Weimaraner from Worenslane Kennels in NSW, as a friend for Mimi.  Lulu obtained her Australian Championship Title and became Ch Worenslane Arrington.  Both Mimi and Lulu were a great introduction to the world of gundogs with their energetic and love for life and all things family.  This trait became evident when my daughter was born in 2002 and Mimi and Lulu became big sisters.

In 2006 I purchased a GSP  "Coco" from Heiderst Kennels in South Australia who later went on to gain her Australian Championship title.  These three dogs all had exceptional temperaments and were fantastic around kids.

It was Coco's extra sweet loving temperament and easy going nature which encouraged me to produce a litter in 2010.  Deciding to breed my first litter was not an easy one.  Having been involved in German Shorthair Rescue for the past 3 years, I have seen many a desperate GSP in shelters; neglected, untrained, dreadfully skinny and desperate for a loving family.  With proper guidelines in place, my aim is to place my puppies in situations where they are never neglected, hungry or desperate for love.  Prospective puppy owners needed to fill out an in depth questionaire in order for them to be nominated as future owners.

Aside from my involvement in GSP Rescue, I am a Member of Dogs Victoria the GSP Club of Victoria.