Welcome to the Liverpoint German Shorthairs page.
Here you'll be able to find out a little bit about me, my dogs, and what my aim is in owning, breeding, rescuing and living with the magnificent GSP.

Liverpoint is situated in the Melbourne (Australia) suburb of Bentleigh, approximately 17 kilometres south from Melbourne's CBD.

From a very early age, animals have always been a large part of my childhood.  Up until the age of 8, the family owned a corgi and later an Australian Terrier mix.  During the 1970's and 80's I was forever 'collecting' unwanted animals off the street and taking care of them in my cubby house, only to be found out by other members of my family who would then let them loose again.  It was probably those traits in me which has lead me to rescuing and rehoming GSPs.

I currently own 2 GSPs  - mother and daughter from my 2010 and 2014 litters.  My dogs enjoy a lifestyle of an off lead run in the nearby dog park every day where they enjoy socialising with many different dogs living in and around Bayside.   During summer, they visit the Brighton Dog Beach, galloping through the waves and chasing a ball over the sand dunes.

My dogs live inside, opting to lounge around on the couch.  In warmer weather, they can be found on the back deck, taking in the sunshine.

All of my dogs have grown up with kids ranging from 9 to 15yrs.   They all have gentle temperaments and are very social with everyone they meet.